That Didn’t Take Long

For me to neglect this blog that is. This week I met with my manager at work. I’ve been missing work lately due to my medical issues. Some work has been missed, some has been flexed out. She had previously said that taking unpaid time was fine. She said now that she was mistaken, and going forward, I couldn’t do it. Hopefully, I won’t need to worry about it any more. I’m hoping I’m getting better enough that I won’t need several appointments a week.

Monday I have two appointments. First, my stockings for my leg are finally in. My occupational therapist told me that they’d be in in 7-10 days. It was over 2 weeks. Maybe she meant 10 business days. Not sure. Anyway, I’m going in at the butt crack of dawn on Monday to get those and make sure that they fit. After that I have a massage that morning too. It seems to be the only thing that really helps. Calming down the muscles. I’ve tried a muscle relaxer, it doesn’t seem to help much.

Another thing my manager suggested was, if I needed to, going on disability. Yikes. Do not want to do that. I do have short term disability insurance through work, however, I do not qualify for FMLA yet so my job wouldn’t be protected. I’d rather be in pain than unemployed again. And since I feel like I’m getting better, I don’t see a need for it. Going forward my chiropractor said there isn’t a ton more she can do for me without knowing more about what’s wrong. To find that out, I’d need an MRI. Unfortunately those cost $1500 for what I’d need and I have a high deductible plan that isn’t even close to being met for the year. So I’m going to hold off on that until after the new year and see if I need it then. That way I’d get more of a benefit from being closer to meeting a deductible for a whole year.

So, that’s what’s going on for the moment.